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Lincoln Square Plan

Square Feet
Square Feet
Square Feet
1J.C. Penney40,000Square Feet
1A Available 5,775Square Feet
1BAvailable300Square Feet
2Available5,700Square Feet
3-4Gliks7,200Square Feet
5-5AGreat River Service3,200Square Feet
6-7Available1,750Square Feet
8Available900Square Feet
9Available1,000Square Feet
10-ANail Time1,000Square Feet
10-BAllstate1,000Square Feet
11-12Kuhl Tyme Korner2,200Square Feet
13 IL Dep't. of Motor Vehicles1,500Square Feet
14Brown’s Shoe Fit3,650Square Feet
15Available21,000Square Feet
16Available5,900Square Feet
16-AMemorial Health Systems6,100Square Feet
17Dollar Tree15,000Square Feet
18-AThe Salvation Army11,520Square Feet
18-BAshley HomeStore15,890Square Feet
Square Feet
Square Feet
Square Feet
18-CSears Dealer Store7,800Square Feet
19Sherwin Williams3,000Square Feet
20Available2,100Square Feet
21Advance America2,000Square Feet
22Available5,023Square Feet
22ADomino's1,452Square Feet
25Wendy's2,315Square Feet
101-3Best Buffet (Chinese)4,808Square Feet
104-5Available3,200Square Feet
106-7Available3,200Square Feet
108Available1,600Square Feet
109Sally Beauty1,600Square Feet
110The Sun Room Tanning3,200Square Feet
111El Rancherito Mexican Restaurant3,200Square Feet
112A Available1,600Square Feet
112BSun Loan Company1,600Square Feet
113Bard Optical1,600Square Feet
114Responsive Home Healthcare2,280Square Feet
115-6Famous Footwear 4,244Square Feet
 Total GLA 206,407Square Feet

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